Waline comment system for NexT.

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Hexo NexT Waline

Theme Version npm

Waline comment system for NexT. Waline is a simple, safe comment system inspired by Valine.


npm install @waline/hexo-next


Set the value enable to true, add serverURL, and edit other configurations in waline section in the config file as following. You can config those in both hexo or theme _config.yml:

# Waline
# For more information: https://waline.js.org, https://github.com/walinejs/waline
  enable: false
  serverURL: https://waline.vercel.app # Waline server address url
  placeholder: Just go go # Comment box placeholder
  avatar: mm # Gravatar style
  meta: [nick, mail, link] # Custom comment header
  pageSize: 10 # Pagination size
  lang: # Language, available values: en, zh-cn
  # Warning: Do not enable both `waline.visitor` and `leancloud_visitors`.
  visitor: false # Article reading statistic
  comment_count: true # If false, comment count will only be displayed in post page, not in home page
  requiredFields: [] # Set required fields: [nick] | [nick, mail]
  libUrl: # Set custom library cdn url