WarpJS is a serverless platform with front-end integration capabilities. You focus on features with one JavaSscript fullStack codebase, WarpJS deals with the back-end for you: communication, routing, API, versioning, error management, deployment, scaling

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import warpjsWarp from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@warpjs/warp';


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WarpJS serverless is currently in free private beta. If you would like to test WarpJS, you need to know someone who is in the program to get an invitation link or to request an invitation on Warpjs.com

WarpJS is a function-as-a-service platform providing a unique backend/frontend integration feature: no backend project, declare your backend functions in the frontend project. From development to deployment, the workflow is streamlined to build and get a web application online, in minutes.

It runs on top of serverless providers you can select from when you put your application online: AWS lambda, GCP functions or Azure functions.

Here is a frontend project sample with a “warped” backend function requesting a MongoDB resource: