Warung Pintar's base Typescript config

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  import warungpintarTypescriptConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@warungpintar/typescript-config';



A collection of different base tsconfig.json to be extended from in your project.

This project aims to reduce per-project configuration as much as possible. With good defaults, we can focus on building, not configuration!


Using npm:

npm i -D @warungpintar/typescript-config

Using yarn:

yarn add --dev @warungpintar/typescript-config


Try to optimize for the fewest specified options between the config specializations. For example, only app has noEmit: true, since the default value, false, is good for the lib config. Specifying it only in the app config means fewer overall entries!

We want to keep maintenance low by only specifying what is necessary. If the option's default value is good for every config, remove it from every config!