Metadata Editor PDF Export Module

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  import wbgMdePdfExport from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wbg-mde/pdf-export';


Metadata Editor PDF Export(@wbg-mde/pdf-export)

This module is an extended version of node-pdfmake. This module generate the pdf file at runtime. PDF-make have a powerful layout engine with paragraphs, columns, lists, tables, canvas, etc.., and it provide provision for include custom fonts and styles.


Install the dependencies and devDependencies.

npm install

Build the application

npm run build

Publish the application to npm

npm publish --access public

Workspace Structure

 ├──src/	                    * source files
 |   ├──assets/  		        * application assets like i18n resource and pdf fonts
 |   ├──export-study/		    * methods for generate odf based on the poject
 |   ├──shared/		            * configurations and shared utils
 ├──gruntfile.js	            * grunt build config
 ├──package.json                * what npm uses to manage it's dependencies


  • Navin VI (navin.v.i@panapps.co)
  • Anoop Xaviour (anoopx@panapps.co)
  • Libin Thomas (libint@panapps.co)