Generate a log based on the daily commits.

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Git Daily Log

Generate a log based on the daily commits. The commit message format that is used and pares by git-daily-log is Karma Semantic Commits


Via npm:

npm i -g @weareneopix/daily-log


git-daliy-log [<range>] [<options>]


Show only commits in the specified revision range. When no <range> is specified, it defaults to HEAD (i.e. the whole history leading to the current commit). origin..HEAD specifies all the commits reachable from the current commit (i.e. HEAD), but not from origin. For a complete list of ways to spell <range>, see the Specifying Ranges section of gitrevisions.


The CLI provides options to customize the output.

Option Description Required
-a, --author <author> Show only commits from provided author No
-s, --since <date> Show commits more recent than a specific date. More info. No
-m, --me Show only my commits No
-h, --help Get CLI usage information No


Show all your commits since yesterday:

git-daily-log -m -s "1 day ago"
# or
git-daily-log --me --since "1 day ago"

Show all commits between two tags:

git-daily-log 1.3.0..1.2.1