A command line slippy map tiles generator.

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  import wearespongeSlippy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wearesponge/slippy';



A command line slippy map tiles generator.


You can install the helper globally:

npm i -g @wearesponge/slippy

or install it as part of your project:

npm i --save @wearesponge/slippy


You can use slippy on the command line to generate your tiles by passing the source file and parameters:

Parameter Long Parameter Description
-min --minZoom The minimum zoom level
-max --maxZoom The maximum zoom level
-t --tileSize The output tile size
-f --format The output image format
-q --quality The output image quality
-o --outDir The output directory
-h --help display help for command


If you have the source image ./source.png and you wish to generate tiles for zoom levels 0 through to 4 and output them into the ./tiles directory you can run the command:

slippy ./source.png -min 0 -max 4 -o ./tiles