A set of scripts I use when building new apps

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app-scripts is a set of scripts that I use to build my personal websites right now. In short, it's a stripped down version of react-scripts that uses some of the main plugins from react-dev-utils, but ultimately caters to a my particular use-cases. Some of the features include:

  • Production builds by default. Development builds with --debug
  • Caters to the following tech:
    • React
    • Typescript
    • styled-components
    • svgr

Warning: this project is primarily for my personal use. Feel free to file issues, but I don't make any gaurantees that I'll get to them. Instead, I would encourage you to fork this repository and make your own personal set of scripts!

Getting Started

To get up and running run the following

npm install --save-dev @webdesserts/app-scripts

...or if you're using yarn

yarn add --dev @webdesserts/app-scripts

...and then add the following to your package.json

"scripts": {
  "build": "app-scripts build",
  "dev": "app-scripts dev",
  "test": "app-scripts test",

From here you'll want to ensure you've done the following:

  • Add an index.html to the public/ folder.
  • Add a index.ts (or .js) to the src/ folder.
  • Add a .tsconfig.json with the following contents:
    { "extends": "@webdesserts/app-scripts/app.tsconfig.json" }

As I use these scripts more and more, I may end up automating the above steps, but for now you'll have to do everything manually.

If you ever want to see a list of the available scripts you can run yarn app-scripts.

Special Thanks

  • create-react-app team.