Adapter interfaces for Webex Components (https://github.com/webex/components)

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Webex Component Adapter Interfaces

Library of Interfaces for Adapters in the Webex Component System

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Webex Component Adapter Interfaces is a set of interfaces that the Webex Component System uses as a contract for the Webex Components on how to obtain data.

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npm install --save @webex/component-adapter-interfaces


The adapter interfaces are meant to be used by developers that want to use the Webex Components but for which an adapter does not exist for their source of data. For instance, the SDK Component Adapter exists to communicate with the Javascript SDK to ultimately obtain data from Webex services.

An example of extending the RoomsAdapter for your datasource would look like:

import {RoomsAdapter} from '@webex/components-adapter-interfaces';

export default class MyRoomsAdapter extends RoomsAdapter {
  getRoom(ID) {
    // ... my implementation

The key of the interfaces is that they define what methods the Webex Components expect.

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MIT License


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