Plugin for the DeviceManager service

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Plugin for the DeviceManager service

This is an internal Cisco Webex plugin. As such, it does not strictly adhere to semantic versioning. Use at your own risk. If you're not working on one of our first party clients, please look at our developer api and stick to our public plugins.


npm install --save @webex/plugin-devicemanager


This is a plugin for the Cisco Webex JS SDK . Please see our developer portal and the API docs for full details.

Samples // refer @webex/samples/browser-devicemanager/app.js

// initialize spark instance -> connects to mercury -> registers device -> // initializes plugin-devicemanager to listen for device updates

import '@webex/plugin-devicemanager';
import SparkCore from '@ciscospark/spark-core';
function connect() {
  if (!spark) {
    spark = ciscospark.init({
      config: {
      credentials: {
        access_token: document.getElementById('access-token').value
  if (!spark.internal.device.registered) {
        .then(() => {
          return spark.internal.mercury.connect();

// Typical flow
  .getAll() // gets a list of all devices registered to the user
  .refresh() // refreshes and re-populates all devices registered to the user
  .search() // search a device by name
  .requestPin() // displays PIN Challenge on the device
  .pair() // pairs the device and registers for subsequent fetches
  .increaseVolume() // increases paired device's volume
  .decreaseVolume() // decreases paired device's volume
  .mute() // mutes the paired device
  .unmute() // unmutes the paired device
  .bindSpace() // binds the space to the paired device
  .unbindSpace() // unbinds the space to the paired device
  .unpair() // disconnects the device paired session


This package is maintained by Cisco Webex for Developers.


Pull requests welcome. Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for more details.


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