Icons for Codex

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  import wikimediaCodexIcons from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wikimedia/codex-icons';


Codex icons

This package contains the Codex icons, and utility functions needed to work with them. The icons are applying “WikimediaUI” theme visual style of Wikimedia Foundation, following Wikimedia Design Style Guide's icon guidelines.

Using icons

To use an icon, import it from this package:

// If using ES modules:
import { cdxIconAlert } from '@wikimedia/codex-icons';

// or, if using CommonJS:
const { cdxIconAlert } = require( '@wikimedia/codex-icons' );

and pass it to the CdxIcon component from the @wikimedia/codex package: <CdxIcon :icon="cdxIconAlert">.

For more detailed usage information, see the section about icons on the documentation website.

Building the icons

You will need to build the icons in this package in order to be able to build the codex and codex-docs packages, and to run their development modes. To build the icons, run npm run build in the packages/codex-icons directory (or run npm run -w @wikimedia/codex-icons build in the root directory).

Optimize icons

The SVG icon files are optimized for accessibility and to reduce data sent to client according to the Wikimedia SVG coding guidelines through '.svgo.config.js' based configuration. The minify:svg build script, that's also part of the build step, takes care of this. The SVG icon files are part of the repository to simplify the process of adding new or amending existing icons for both, designers and developers. Additionally, when transforming the SVG files into CommonJS/ES module/JSON format via 'vite-plugin-raw-svg.ts', we add minor optimizations for client browser-only use instead of the backwards-compatible SVG file for older SVG render libraries compliance.

Build products

The build process outputs the following files in the dist/ directory:

  • codex-icons.cjs.js: All icons and utility functions, in CommonJS format
  • codex-icons.es.js: All icons and utility functions, in ES module format
  • codex-icons.json: All icons, in JSON format
  • index.d.ts and other .d.ts files: TypeScript type definitions
  • images/*.svg: All icons as raw SVG files

License to adapt and remix

The icons are freely licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0). Please let the Wikimedia Design Systems team know when you're using those icons for projects in and beyond the Wikimedia movement.