A typescript/javascript class for sorting an array

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  import writetome51PublicArraySorter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@writetome51/public-array-sorter';



An array-manipulating TypeScript/JavaScript class with methods that change
the order of the array items.


constructor(data? = [])  // 'data' is assigned to this.data .

You can reset the array by accessing the class .data property:

this.data = [1,2,3,4];


data : any[]  // the actual array

className : string (read-only)


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alphabetize(): this;
    // No item in this.data gets modified, but each is treated as a string 
    // during the sorting.

numbersAscending(): this;
    // If not all items in this.data are of type 'number', it triggers error.

numbersDescending(): this;
    // If not all items in this.data are of type 'number', it triggers error.

reverse(): this;

shuffle(): this;
    // randomizes the order of items.

The methods below are not important to know about in order to use this
class. They're inherited from BaseClass .

protected   _createGetterAndOrSetterForEach(
        propertyNames: string[],
        configuration: IGetterSetterConfiguration
       ) : void
    Use this method when you have a bunch of properties that need getter and/or 
    setter functions that all do the same thing. You pass in an array of string 
    names of those properties, and the method attaches the same getter and/or 
    setter function to each property.
    IGetterSetterConfiguration is this object:
        get_setterFunction?: (
             propertyName: string, index?: number, propertyNames?: string[]
        ) => Function,
        // get_setterFunction takes the property name as first argument and 
        // returns the setter function.  The setter function must take one 
        // parameter and return void.
        get_getterFunction?: (
             propertyName: string, index?: number, propertyNames?: string[]
        ) => Function
        // get_getterFunction takes the property name as first argument and 
        // returns the getter function.  The getter function must return something.

protected   _returnThis_after(voidExpression: any) : this
    // voidExpression is executed, then function returns this.
    // Even if voidExpression returns something, the returned data isn't used.

protected   _errorIfPropertyHasNoValue(
                property: string, // can contain dot-notation, i.e., 'property.subproperty'
                propertyNameInError? = ''
            ) : void
    // If value of this[property] is undefined or null, it triggers fatal error:
    // `The property "${propertyNameInError}" has no value.`

Usage Examples

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// getting an instance:
let sort = new PublicArraySorter([4,1,6,0,2,9,7]);

// sorting numbers:
sort.numbersAscending(); // sort.data is now [0,1,2,4,6,7,9]

// changing the array content:
sort.data = ['h','e','l','l','o'];

// sorting alphabetically:
sort.alphabetize(); // sort.data is now ['e', 'h', 'l', 'l', 'o']

// reversing the order:
sort.reverse(); // sort.data is now ['o', 'l', 'l', 'h', 'e']

// randomizing the order:

Inheritance Chain



npm install @writetome51/public-array-sorter


// If using TypeScript:
import {PublicArraySorter} from '@writetome51/public-array-sorter';
// If using ES5 JavaScript:
var PublicArraySorter = require('@writetome51/public-array-sorter').PublicArraySorter;