A source xPack with Arm CMSIS Core-M

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A source xPack with Arm CMSIS Core-M

This project provides the CMSIS Core-M headers as an xPack dependency.

The project is hosted on GitHub as xpack-3rd-party/arm-cmsis-core-m-xpack.

Maintainer info

This page is addressed to developers who plan to include this package into their own projects.

For maintainer infos, please see the README-MAINTAINER file.


As a source xPacks, the easiest way to add it to a project is via xpm, but it can also be used as any Git project, for example as a submodule.


A recent xpm, which is a portable Node.js command line application.

For details please follow the instructions in the install page.


This package is available from npmjs.com as @xpack-3rd-party/arm-cmsis-core-m from the npmjs.com registry:

cd my-project
xpm init # Unless a package.json is already present

xpm install @xpack-3rd-party/arm-cmsis-core-m@latest

Note: work in progress.

Git submodule

If, for any reason, xpm is not available, the next recommended solution is to link it as a Git submodule below an xpacks folder.

cd my-project
git init # Unless already a Git project
mkdir -p xpacks

git submodule add https://github.com/xpack-3rd-party/arm-cmsis-core-m-xpack.git \


There are three active branches:

  • master, follows the original Arm master
  • xpack, with the latest stable version (default)
  • xpack-develop, with the current development version

All development is done in the xpack-develop branch, and contributions via Pull Requests should be directed to this branch.

When new releases are published, the xpack-develop branch is merged into xpack.

User info

This package provides only C headers.

Build & integration info

Include folders

  • CMSIS/Core/Include

The header files can then be included in user projects with statements like:

#include <core_cm4.h>

Preprocessor definitions

  • none required

Known problems

  • none




The original content is released under the MIT License, with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.

The Arm content is provided under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

The original README content follows.

CMSIS Version 5

The branch master of this GitHub repository contains the CMSIS Version 5.8.0. The documentation is available under http://arm-software.github.io/CMSIS_5/General/html/index.html

Use Issues to provide feedback and report problems for CMSIS Version 5.

Note: The branch develop of this GitHub repository reflects our current state of development and is constantly updated. It gives our users and partners contiguous access to the CMSIS development. It allows you to review the work and provide feedback or create pull requests for contributions.

A pre-built documentation is updated from time to time, but may be also generated using the instructions under Generate CMSIS Pack for Release.

Overview of CMSIS Components

The following is an list of all CMSIS components that are available.

CMSIS-... Target Processors Description
Core(M) All Cortex-M, SecurCore Standardized API for the Cortex-M processor core and peripherals. Includes intrinsic functions for Cortex-M4/M7/M33/M35P SIMD instructions.
Core(A) Cortex-A5/A7/A9 API and basic run-time system for the Cortex-A5/A7/A9 processor core and peripherals.
Driver All Cortex-M, SecurCore Generic peripheral driver interfaces for middleware. Connects microcontroller peripherals with middleware that implements for example communication stacks, file systems, or graphic user interfaces.
DSP All Cortex-M DSP library collection with over 60 Functions for various data types: fixed-point (fractional q7, q15, q31) and single precision floating-point (32-bit). Implementations optimized for the SIMD instruction set are available for Cortex-M4/M7/M33/M35P.
NN All Cortex-M Collection of efficient neural network kernels developed to maximize the performance and minimize the memory footprint on Cortex-M processor cores.
RTOS v1 Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4/M7 Common API for real-time operating systems along with a reference implementation based on RTX. It enables software components that can work across multiple RTOS systems.
RTOS v2 All Cortex-M, Cortex-A5/A7/A9 Extends CMSIS-RTOS v1 with Armv8-M support, dynamic object creation, provisions for multi-core systems, binary compatible interface.
Pack All Cortex-M, SecurCore, Cortex-A5/A7/A9 Describes a delivery mechanism for software components, device parameters, and evaluation board support. It simplifies software re-use and product life-cycle management (PLM).
SVD All Cortex-M, SecurCore Peripheral description of a device that can be used to create peripheral awareness in debuggers or CMSIS-Core header files.
DAP All Cortex Firmware for a debug unit that interfaces to the CoreSight Debug Access Port.
Zone All Cortex-M Defines methods to describe system resources and to partition these resources into multiple projects and execution areas.

Implemented Enhancements

  • CMSIS-Pack generation with shell script template for Windows and Linux
  • CMSIS-Pack: Git workflow via Eclipse menu Window - Preferences - CMSIS Packs - Manage Local Repositories and MDK
  • CMSIS-Zone release 1.0 with support for multi-processor, TrustZone, and MPU configuration
  • Support for Armv8.1M Architecture and Cortex-M55 (release in March 2020)
  • CMSIS-DSP is fully ported to SIMD for Cortex-M family (Armv8.1-M) and Cortex-A & Cortex-R with NEON, using the same APIs.

Further Planned Enhancements

  • CMSIS-Pack:
    • System Description SDF Format: describe more complex debug topologies than with a Debug Description in a tool agnostic way
    • CPDSC project file format: allows project templates that are agnostic of an IDE
    • Minimize need for IDE specific settings: CMSIS-Pack supports IDE specific parameters. Analyze and minimize
  • CMSIS-Build: command-line driven make system for CMSIS-Pack based projects (to support CI tests)

For further details see also the Slides of the Embedded World CMSIS Partner Meeting.

Other related GitHub repositories

Repository Description
cmsis-pack-eclipse CMSIS-Pack Management for Eclipse reference implementation Pack support
CMSIS-Driver Generic MCU driver implementations and templates for Ethernet MAC/PHY and Flash.
CMSIS-Driver_Validation CMSIS-Driver Validation can be used to verify CMSIS-Driver in a user system
CMSIS-Zone CMSIS-Zone Utility along with example projects and FreeMarker templates
NXP_LPC CMSIS Driver Implementations for the NXP LPC Microcontroller Series
mdk-packs IoT cloud connectors as trail implementations for MDK (help us to make it generic)
trustedfirmware.org Arm Trusted Firmware provides a reference implementation of secure world software for Armv8-A and Armv8-M.

Directory Structure

Directory Content
CMSIS/Core CMSIS-Core(M) related files (for release)
CMSIS/Core_A CMSIS-Core(A) related files (for release)
CMSIS/CoreValidation Validation for Core(M) and Core(A) (NOT part of release)
CMSIS/DAP CMSIS-DAP related files and examples
CMSIS/Driver CMSIS-Driver API headers and template files
CMSIS/DSP CMSIS-DSP related files
CMSIS/NN CMSIS-NN related files
CMSIS/RTOS RTOS v1 related files (for Cortex-M)
CMSIS/RTOS2 RTOS v2 related files (for Cortex-M & Armv8-M)
CMSIS/Pack CMSIS-Pack examples and tutorials
CMSIS/DoxyGen Source of the documentation
CMSIS/Utilities Utility programs

Generate CMSIS Pack for Release

This GitHub development repository contains already pre-built libraries (stored in Git-LFS) of various software components (DSP, RTOS, RTOS2). These libraries are validated for release. Git-LFS needs to be installed to retrieve the actual binary files, please see https://git-lfs.github.com/.

To build a complete CMSIS pack for installation the following additional tools are required:

  • doxygen.exe Version: 1.8.6 (Documentation Generator)
  • mscgen.exe Version: 0.20 (Message Sequence Chart Converter)
  • 7z.exe (7-Zip) Version: 16.02 (File Archiver)

Using these tools, you can generate on a Windows PC:

  • CMSIS Documentation using the batch file gen_doc.sh (located in ./CMSIS/Doxygen).
  • CMSIS Software Pack using the batch file gen_pack.sh (located in ./CMSIS/Utilities). The bash script does not generate the documentation. The pre-built libraries for RTX4 and RTX5 are not included within this repository.

The file ./CMSIS/DoxyGen/How2Doc.txt describes the rules for creating API documentation.


Arm CMSIS is licensed under Apache 2.0.

Contributions and Pull Requests

Contributions are accepted under Apache 2.0. Only submit contributions where you have authored all of the code.

Issues and Labels

Please feel free to raise an issue on GitHub to report misbehavior (i.e. bugs) or start discussions about enhancements. This is your best way to interact directly with the maintenance team and the community. We encourage you to append implementation suggestions as this helps to decrease the workload of the very limited maintenance team.

We will be monitoring and responding to issues as best we can. Please attempt to avoid filing duplicates of open or closed items when possible. In the spirit of openness we will be tagging issues with the following:

  • bug – We consider this issue to be a bug that will be investigated.

  • wontfix - We appreciate this issue but decided not to change the current behavior.

  • enhancement – Denotes something that will be implemented soon.

  • future - Denotes something not yet schedule for implementation.

  • out-of-scope - We consider this issue loosely related to CMSIS. It might by implemented outside of CMSIS. Let us know about your work.

  • question – We have further questions to this issue. Please review and provide feedback.

  • documentation - This issue is a documentation flaw that will be improved in future.

  • review - This issue is under review. Please be patient.

  • DONE - We consider this issue as resolved - please review and close it. In case of no further activity this issues will be closed after a week.

  • duplicate - This issue is already addressed elsewhere, see comment with provided references.

  • Important Information - We provide essential informations regarding planned or resolved major enhancements.