conventional-commit-types internationalization version.

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  import yiXu0100ConventionalCommitTypesI18n from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@yi-xu-0100/conventional-commit-types-i18n';


⚡️ conventional-commit-types-i18n

conventional-commit-types internationalization version.

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🚀 Usage

⚡ Installation

npm i @yi-xu-0100/conventional-commit-types-i18n

🎨 Example

const { getTypes } = require('@yi-xu-0100/conventional-commit-types-i18n');
const conventionalCommitsTypes = getTypes('en');
console.log(conventionalCommitsTypes.types['feat'].title); // Features

✅ Support

Available locales are as same as the available display languages of Visual Studio Code.

Language Locale files Contributors
English en.json conventional-commit-types
Simplified Chinese zh-cn.json yi_Xu, conventional-commit-types-zh-cn
Traditional Chinese zh-tw.json Google Translate
French fr.json Google Translate
German de.json Google Translate
Italian it.json Fabio Di Stasio
Spanish es.json Google Translate
Japanese ja.json Google Translate
Korean ko.json Google Translate
Russian ru.json Google Translate
Bulgarian bg.json Google Translate
Hungarian hu.json Google Translate
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br.json Google Translate
Turkish tr.json Google Translate

📄 License

🎉 Thanks