Backblaze B2 storage adapter for Ghost.

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  import zaxbuxGhostStorageB2 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@zaxbux/ghost-storage-b2';


Backblaze B2 Storage Adapter for Ghost

A Backblaze B2 storage adapter for Ghost version 4 (also compatiable with version 3.x).


git clone https://github.com/zaxbux/ghost-storage-b2.git
cd ghost-storage-b2; npm i
cd ..
cp -r ghost-storage-b2 ./content/adapters/storage/b2


You will need to obtain or create app keys and create a bucket in your B2 Cloud Storage Account.

If your Ghost configuration file, add the B2 configuration options:

  // ...

  "storage": {
    "active": "b2",
    "b2": {
      "applicationKeyId": "",
      // See table below for all config values

  // ...

Alternatively, the B2 storage adapter can be configured with environment variables:

JSON File Option Environment Variable Value
applicationKeyId B2_APPLICATION_KEY_ID Your B2 application key ID.
applicationKey B2_APPLICATION_KEY Your B2 application key.
bucketId B2_BUCKET_ID Your B2 bucket's ID.
bucketName B2_BUCKET_NAME (optional) Your bucket's name.
pathPrefix B2_PATH_PREFIX (optional) The prefix to add to uploads.
downloadUrl B2_DOWNLOAD_URL (optional) Use a custom URL for downloading. (CDN, etc.)

Custom Domain

If you're using a custom domain instead of the default backblaze domain, e.g. with a CNAME pointing cdn.example.com to f001.backblazeb2.com, and your bucket name is my_bucket:

  • Set downloadUrl to https://cdn.example.com/file/my_bucket


To debug the storage adapter, set the DEBUG environment variable to ghost-storage-b2.