Browser normalization and baseline styles.

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Light-weight browser normalization by OddBird. Loosely based on Sanitize and Normalize.

More Accoutrement Tools

  • Color provides color-palette management and contrast-ratio utilities.
  • Scale helps manage scale patterns like font-sizes, margins, and gutters.
  • Type provides webfont management tools, and other typography helpers.
  • Layout provides layout utilities such as box-sizing, intrinsic ratios, z-index management, named media-queries, and a clearfix.

Quick Start

Install the package with npm or yarn:

npm install accoutrement-init
yarn add accoutrement-init

Import the library:

@import '<path-to>/accoutrement-init/sass/init';

WARNING This library writes CSS directly to your stylesheets. There is no configuration, no mixins, no variables, and no functions.