Sass typography and webfont utilities.

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Sass typography and webfont helpers by OddBird. Gather all your fonts into a single map, access them by name, and easily import the webfonts. Also includes helpers for accessibility and pseudo-elements.

More Accoutrement Tools

  • Init provides light-weight browser-normalization.
  • Color provides color-palette management and contrast-ratio utilities.
  • Scale helps manage scale patterns like font-sizes, margins, and gutters.
  • Layout provides layout utilities such as box-sizing, intrinsic ratios, z-index management, named media-queries, and a clearfix.

Quick Start

Install the package with npm or yarn:

npm install accoutrement-type
yarn add accoutrement-type

Import the library:

@import '<path-to>/accoutrement-type/sass/type';

Configure your font settings:

// Define what webfont formats need importing
$font-formats: 'woff' 'ttf';

// Set the a path to your fonts directory
$font-path: '../fonts/';

$fonts: (
  // describe locally-hosted font files for import and access
  'heading': (
    'name': 'maven',
    'stack': ('helvetica', 'arial', sans-serif),
    'normal': 'maven/maven_pro_regular-webfont',
    'bold': 'maven/maven_pro_bold-webfont',

  // describe CDN fonts for access
  'body': (
    'name': 'Source Sans Pro',
    'stack': ('Helvetica Neue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif),

  // provide aliases for any font you need
  'alias': 'body', // create aliases when useful

Import one font at a time with font-face() or all your local webfonts with import-webfonts():

// Import one font by configuration key, with custom formats
@include font-face('body', 'otf' 'svg');

// Import all local fonts
@include import-webfonts;

Set your font-family anywhere, using the semantic names you defined earlier:

html {
  @include font-family('body');

h1, h2, h3 {
  @include font-family('heading');