Convert ACSM DRM file to Epub and upload it to Google Drive

Usage no npm install needed!

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ACSM to Epub converter

Uses Knock to convert ACSM files to epub. Afterwards it's uploaded to a Google Drive folder.

Because Knock only has releases for a x86_64 Linux kernel, this will also only work on those platforms.

This automatically downloads the Knock binary.


Either through cloning with git or by using npm (the recommended way):

npm install -g acsm-to-epub

And acsmtoepub will be installed globally to your system path.


acsmtoepub <path/to/acsm>


On first run it will create an empty settings.json file in ~/.config/acsmtoepub/ with the following contents

  "clientId": "",
  "clientSecret": "",
  "refreshToken": "",
  "redirectUri": "",
  "folderId": ""

Follow this tutorial to get the credentials :

folderId is the id of the Drive folder you want to upload to. You can find this in the URL when browsing from the web interface.