Amqplib rabbitmq library object oriented enhancement.

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Amqplib-plus amplifies the original npm amqplib library with OOP approach.

Amqplib-plus adds following features:

  • connection auto-reconnect
  • easy to use object oriented publisher
  • easy to use object oriented consumer that runs user defined callback for every consumed message

How to install:

$ npm install amqplib-plus

How to use

Basic example - publish and consume

import {Connection, Consumer, Publisher} from "amqplib-plus";
import {Channel, Message} from "amqplib";
import {CustomConsumer} from "./CustomConsumer"; // CustomConsumer is your own consumer implementation that extends amqplib-plus Consumer 

const queue = { name: "some_queue_name", options: {} };
const msgContent = "some content";

// callback to be called when creating the consumer, before it starts consuming
// consumer wants to be sure the queue exists
const consumerPrepare: any = (ch: Channel) => {
    return ch.assertQueue(, queue.options);

// the callback to be called on every consumed message
// you process the message as you like and tken ack/reject it as you wish
const handleMsg = (msg: Message, ch: Channel) => {

// creates the connection to rabbitmq broker
const amqpConn = new Connection(
    { connectionString: 'amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/' },
    console // you may use custom logger or avoid it to disable logging

// create the consumer using existing connection and start the consumption
const consumer = new CustomConsumer(conn, consumerPrepare, handleMsg);
consumer.consume(, {});

// callback to be called when creating the publisher before it starts publishing
// publisher wants to be sure the publishing queue exists
const publisherPrepare: any = (ch: Channel) => {
    return ch.assertQueue(, queue.options);
// create the publisher using the existing connection
const publisher = new Publisher(conn, publisherPrepare);
// send a message that consumer should consume
publisher.sendToQueue(, Buffer.from(msgContent), {});

More examples and tutorials




How to contribute:

Create pull request to repository. Please note that this lib is written in typescript. Your contribution is very welcome.

How to run the tests

If you have running rabbitmq instance, set env variable values defined used in test/config.ts (default rabbitmq dsn is 'amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/') and run: npm run test.

Or you can use custom rabbitmq instance in test by running RABBIT_DSN=amqp://guest:guest@yourserver:5672/ npm run test

Alternatively you can run: make test which will start rabbitmq instance for you and run tests in docker-compose.