TweetNaCl.js fork for asynchronous PRNGs

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A TweetNaCl.js fork for asynchronous PRNGs.

The following methods which rely on the asynchronous PRNG are changed to return Promise:

  • nacl.randomBytes
  • nacl.sign.keyPair

The followings are the default PRNGs used, depending on the platform anacl runs on:

  • window.crypto.getRandomValues (WebCrypto standard)
  • window.msCrypto.getRandomValues (Internet Explorer 11)
  • crypto.randomBytes (Node.js)
  • wx.getRandomValues (WeChat)

If the above are not available on the platform you are targeting, and you have a cryptographically-strong source of entropy, you can plug it in like this:

nacl.setPRNG(function(x, n) {
  // ... copy n random bytes into x, synchronously or asynchronously (return a promise) ...

Other than the above, check TweetNaCl.js for usage in general.