Mention Plugin for DraftJS

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DraftJS Mention Plugin

This is a plugin for the draft-js-plugins-editor.

This plugin allows you to add mentions to your editor!


import createMentionPlugin from 'draft-js-mention-plugin';

const mentionPlugin = createMentionPlugin({ mentions });

Importing the default styles

The plugin ships with a default styling available at this location in the installed package: node_modules/draft-js-mention-plugin/lib/plugin.css.

Webpack Usage

Follow the steps below to import the css file by using Webpack's style-loader and css-loader.

  1. Install Webpack loaders: npm install style-loader css-loader --save-dev

  2. Add the below section to Webpack config (if your Webpack already has loaders array, simply add the below loader object({test:foo, loaders:bar[]}) as an item in the array).

    module: {
      loaders: [{
        test: /\.css$/,
        loaders: [
          'style-loader', 'css'
  3. Add the below import line to your component to tell Webpack to inject style to your component.

    import 'draft-js-mention-plugin/lib/plugin.css';
  4. Restart Webpack.