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Persian (Jalali, Khorshidi) Plugin for Day.js, Jalaliday add multi-calendar functionality to Day.js core regardless for of locale, so we can have Gregorian calendar is Persian locale of Jalali calendar in English locale
Unlike moment and becuase of immutablity of dayjs, there is no need for formats like jYYYY or jMM, in Jalaliday all formats are same and standard

📖 Release Notes



npm install --save jalaliday


yarn add jalaliday


import dayjs from 'dayjs'
import jalaliday from 'jalaliday'


Changing calendar

if you want to all new instanses of dayjs use jalali calendar, you can set default calendar

dayjs.calendar('jalali') // Jalali Calendar
// OR
dayjs.calendar('gregory') // Gregorian Calendar

also you can create a jalali date without changing default calendar

const date = dayjs()
const jalaliDate = date.calendar('jalali')

with combination of calendar and locale we have multi language for real

dayjs().calendar('jalali').locale('en').format('DD MMMM YYYY') // '13 Shahrivar 1397'
dayjs().calendar('gregory').locale('fa').format('DD MMMM YYYY') // '04 سپتامبر 2018'


All Api operations of Jalaliday is same as Dayjs itself but calendar based, for more information checkout Dayjs API For a glance: