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Manage your favorite command lines.

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This tool will create a command named "af" which means "ant fingers". It helps you manage your favorite commands, and apply them easily on demand.


Get Started

npm install -g ant-finger 
# Install the tool.
# A global command `af` will be created.

af help <SUB_COMMAND>
# Show help info of specified sub command.

af list
# List all saved commands.

af remove
# Remove saved command(s).

af rename
# Rename saved command.

af run [ <NAME> ]
af run [ --name ] <NAME>
# Run saved command.

af save [ <COMMAND> <ARGS> ]
# Save your favorite command.

af history 
# Display history commands.

af !0
# Re-run history command No.0.

af !0 --amend
# Re-run history command No.0 by changing some of the variables.