A simple module help you to make automoderation very easily

Usage no npm install needed!

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The npm have been updated to work with the newest update of discord.js v12!

Note: If the bot have muted someone for 3hr, 4min have passed then randomly the bot went offline, do not forget to remove the role from user once the rest 90min are gone or the it's muted forever! (will modify this later)

Any other issues, please open it on Github!


A simple module based on MirageZoe module. i will add ban, kick and more futures!

DISCLAMER: You can only setup 1 set of configuration per client. (That means that you can't configure settings for each server for now. You can only modify in which guild checker is run and in which checker is not run.)

How to add this to your node_modules:

To install this module type in your console command below:

npm i antispam-guard

An example of how to set up:

Below you will find an example that would explain everything and what you must set up! (it's not too different!)

const Discord = require('discord.js');
const antispam = require('antispam-guard'); // Requiring this module.
const client = new Discord.Client();

client.on('ready', () => {
  // Module Configuration Constructor
   antispam(client, {
        limitUntilWarn: 3, // The amount of messages allowed to send within the interval(time) before getting a warn.
        limitUntilMuted: 5, // The amount of messages allowed to send within the interval(time) before getting a muted.
        interval: 2000, // The interval(time) where the messages are sent. Practically if member X sent 5+ messages within 2 seconds, he get muted. (1000 milliseconds = 1 second, 2000 milliseconds = 2 seconds etc etc)
        warningMessage: "Don't spam here", // Message you get when you are warned!
        muteMessage: "was muted",// Message sent after member X was punished(muted).
       kickMessage: "was kicked", //Message sent after member X was kicked from guild!
       banMessage: "was banned", //Message sent after member X was banned from the guild!
        maxDuplicatesWarning: 7,// When people are spamming the same message, this will trigger when member X sent over 7+ messages.
        maxDuplicatesMute: 10, // The limit where member X get muted after sending too many messages(10+).
        ignoredRoles: ["Admin"], // The members with this role(or roles) will be ignored if they have it. Suggest to not add this to any random guys. Also it's case sensitive.
        ignoredMembers: ["507798218059415562"],// These members are directly affected and they do not require to have the role above. Good for undercover pranks.
        ignoreBots: true, //These bots are directly affected and they do not require to have the role above
        ignoredChannels: ["general_chat"], //These channels are directly affected
        ignorePermissions: ["ADMINISTRATOR"], //Who have admin perms are directly affected
        mutedRole: "Muted", // Here you put the name of the role that should not let people write/speak or anything else in your server. If there is no role set, by default, the module will attempt to create the role for you & set it correctly for every channel in your server. It will be named "muted".
        timeMuted: 9000 * 600, // This is how much time member X will be muted. if not set, default would be 90 min.
        logChannel: "mod-logs" // This is the channel where every report about spamming goes to. If it's not set up, it will attempt to create the channel.
  // Rest of your code

client.on('message', msg => {
  client.emit('checkMessage', msg); // This runs the filter on any message bot receives in any guilds.
  // Rest of your code


This is the main setup you have to add in order to protect your server from unwanted people. If they send more than 3 messages within 2 seconds, they get warned. At 5 they get muted. If they send same message 7+ times, he get warned and at 10 muted. Every member from option and everyone that has the role/roles from are protected from system so they can spam as much as they want.

Little bit of documentation...


This will configure module to run on its default configuration.
<Client> - Variable that defines new Discord.Client()
antispam - Variable that defines require('better-discord-antispam')

client.emit('checkMessage', <Message>)

<Message> - Variable that defines the message itself. (client.on('message', async (msg) =>{}) in this situation msg is the variable.) This will basically send your message to module. In fact is REQUIERED for module to run.

antispam(client, {
        limitUntilWarn: 3,
        limitUntilMuted: 5,
        interval: 2000,
        warningMessage: "",
        muteMessage: "",
        banMessage: "",
        kickMessage: "",
        maxDuplicatesWarning: 7,
        maxDuplicatesMute: 10,
        ignoredRoles: [],
        ignoredMembers: [],
        ignoreBots: ,
        ignoredChannels: [],
       ignorePermissions: [];
        timeMuted: 1000*600,
        logChannel: ""

antispam - Variable that defines require('antispam-guard')
<Client> - Requiered, Discord.Client
limitUntilWarn - Optional, Type: Integer
limitUntilMuted - Optional, Type: Integer
interval - Optional, Type: Integer
warningMessage - Optonal, Type: String, Minimum 5 Characters
muteMessage - Optional, Type: String, Minimum 5 Characters
kickMessage - Optional, Type: String, Minimum 5 Characters
banMessage - Optional, Type: Strint, Minimum 5 Characters
maxDuplicatesWarning - Optional, Type: Integer
maxDuplicatesMute - Optional, Type: Integer
ignoredRoles - Optional, Type: Array
ignoredMembers- Optional, Type: Array
ignoredChannels - Optional, Type: Array
ignorePermissions - Optional, Type: Array
ignoreBots - Optional, Type: Boolean
mutedRole- Optional, Type: String
timeMuted- Optional, Type: Integer
logChannel- Optional, Type: String

NOTE: The module will throw errors for assigning incorect types to configuration values.

P.S: If you have any issues, bugs or trouble setting the module up. feel free to open an issue on Github

P.S 2: This is just a release that is modified by me to suit the best my needs. If you find it on your taste, I'm happy. I'm not about to add complicated things only if I need them.

P.S 3: Remember if you don't get any notification in #mod-logs, that means you haven't added with lowercase the name of logchannel in config (this is because discord channels cannot have uppercase for some reasons but voice channels can.)

P.S 4: If you have any problem join our support server Discord