React port of the Core Branding

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Antwerp Core React Branding

React port of the Core Branding. This project is currently in beta and is provided without any support.

NPM Version Build status

Goal of the project

Make a tested react port of the Antwerp Core Branding static elements.

Remarks: this project is still in beta. Can be used without any warranty.

Project Structure

The original project is added as a git submoduel based on the master branch of the project. This project has different main folders.

  • lib: where all components can be found, incl. tests
  • test: a stub site to test all the different components
  • dist: the distribution library



  • Install NodeJS and yarn
  • Install Webpack Dev Server: yarn global add webpack-dev-server
  • Run yarn install to install all the dependencies.

Development flow

The development can easily be done via the Webpack Dev Server. This server spins up an ExpressJS server with hot reloading included. Just run yarn start and go to http://localhost:8080/

Project references

Who should I talk to?

This package is developed by Rombit NV.

Rombit NV