Anura is a configuration server that make dealing with configs file a lot easier

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Anura is a configuration manager that helps you and your team with managing your configuration across multiple services and multiple environments with a simple UI backed with real-time update system and custom configuration database with options to use external ones as well.

Feel free to fork and make contributions. We'll try to get them into the main application.


Anura requires Node.js to run
Anura is available as an npm package for easy installation. Anura On NPM

$ npm install anura-server -g 
$ anura start

after these commands, Anura will start-up in port 4000 by default.


After installing Anura, A new directory will be created in the /var/local folder in Linux or in %AppData% folder on windows. The installation will create an initial folder with a config.yaml file. You can also add a config_file argument in the anura start script

Verible Info Type Default
STORE_LOCATION Where to save the config data Path /var/local/Anura |$appdata%\Anura
HUMAN_READABLE Save the config data in a human readable format true/false false
SERVER_PORT The port of the config server (and it's ui) number 4000


Todos in the near future

  • Make Anura easier to setup.
  • Add more external data store options. (like mongo and redis)
  • Make an option to scale out. (multi-service is fun)
  • Improve UI usability.



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