Anvil Connect JWT library for Node.js

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Anvil Connect JWT

Anvil Connect aims to be a scalable, full-featured, ready-to-run OpenID Connect + OAuth 2.0 Provider. This package contains the JWT modeling library used by Anvil Connect.

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$ npm install anvil-connect-jwt --save


All JWTs must conform to the JWT/JWS/JWE/JW* specifications, but applications may impose additional requirements. For example, an OpenID Connect ID Token must require certain claims and headers, restrict the use of others, set default values, etc. Anvil Connect JWT is an abstract class that can be used to define JWTs conforming to application specfic requirements.

// require the package
var JWT = require('anvil-connect-jwt');

// define a subclass
var IDToken = JWT.define({

  // default header
  header: {
    alg: 'RS256'

  // permitted headers
  headers: [

  // modify header schema
  registeredHeaders: {
    alg:   { format: 'StringOrURI', required: true, enum: ['RS256'] }

  // permitted claims
  claims: ['iss', 'sub', 'aud', 'exp', 'iat', 'nonce', 'acr', 'at_hash'],

  // modify payload schema
  registeredClaims: {
    iss:      { format: 'StringOrURI', required: true },
    sub:      { format: 'StringOrURI', required: true },
    aud:      { format: 'StringOrURI', required: true },
    exp:      { format: 'IntDate',     required: true, default: expires('day')  },
    iat:      { format: 'IntDate',     required: true, default: },
    nonce:    { format: 'String' },
    acr:      { format: 'String' },
    at_hash:  { format: 'String' }


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 Anvil Research, Inc.