Nodejs SDK for Anvil Connect

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Node SDK for Anvil Connect

Anvil Connect aims to be a scalable, full-featured, ready-to-run OpenID Connect + OAuth 2.0 Provider. This package is a SDK for Nodejs client developers.


$ npm install anvil-connect-sdk --save


Configuration example:

var anvil = require('anvil-connect-sdk');

  provider: {
    uri: 'https://your.authorization.server',
    key: '/path/to/public.key.pem'
  client: {
    id: 'uuid',
    token: 'client.jwt.access.token'
  params: {
    redirectUri: 'https://your.client.tld/callback'

Protecting Services

Anvil Connect SDK includes Connect/Express/Restify compatible middleware for authenticating access tokens issued by Anvil Connect and enforcing authorization based on OAuth 2.0 scope.

This middleware can be used as route specific middleware...

var authorize = anvil.verify({ scope: 'research' });'/protected', authorize, function (req, res, next) {
  // handle the request

...or to protect the entire server:

server.use(anvil.verify({ scope: 'research' }));