*OBSOLETE* Http host for anvil.js

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Anvil HTTP Plugin

Provides an integrated web host using express and Extends anvil with functionality to allow other plugins to host features and content.

This plugin requires anvil.js version 0.8.* or greater.


anvil install anvil.http


anvil --host


Configuration can be changed by adding any of the three properties to the build file under "anvil.http": {}.


A hash where the key is the extension of the requested file and the value is the mimeType specification. In general, this is only necessary if you're adding support for a file extension that needs to be compiled on the fly.

Example: "contentTypes": { ".coffee": "application/javascript" }


Specifies what port the server will listen to. The default is 3080.


"port": 3080


A hash where the key is the relative url to map to a specific directory or file. The following example shows the default setting which causes the output directory to get mapped to the top level.


"paths": {
    "/": anvil.config.output


Currently the only call that this plugin adds to anvil is registerPath.

registerPath( url, filePath )

This lets you register static files to serve at a specific relative url