TypeScript Anviz's TC_B Comunnication Protocol V2.1

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Project to communicate with Anviz devices.

:warning: Work in progress :warning:

This is a work in progress, but it's already functional. I based this project in node-anviz.

Dilemma Observables vs Promises

What to implement, Observables or Promises ?. The purpose of this package is to make it work in the backend, so it may be convenient to do so with Promises, at least in this first version. It depends on the NPM promise-socket package so it is necessary to do an npm install

Argv command line sample

Edit in argv-sample.ts:

const yargs = require('yargs');
import { AnvizStream } from '../lib/stream';

const argv = yargs
    .usage('Usage: $0 <command> -i [ipAddress] -p [port] -d [device code] -j [json parameters]')
    .describe('i', 'ipAddress')
    .describe('p', 'port')
    .describe('d', 'device code')
    .describe('j', 'json parameters')
    .default({i:'localhost', p: 5010, j: '{}'})
    .alias('h', 'help')
    .epilog('copyright 2019')    

const ipAddress = argv.i;
const port = argv.p;
const deviceId = argv.d;
let parms = JSON.parse(argv.j);
const command = argv._[0];
const anviz: AnvizStream = new AnvizStream(ipAddress, port, deviceId);
anviz.send( command, parms )
        .then( dta => console.log(dta))
        .catch(err=> console.error(err));

Building typescript

tsc -w

Sample with arguments

node argv-sample downloadAttendanceRecords -i -d 21 -j "{""parameter"": 1, ""recordAmount"": 25 }"