The MSSQL adapter for any-db

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This is the MSSQL adapter for Any-DB. It relies on the Tedious database driver to create connection and query objects that conform to the Any-DB API.

This adapter is not yet fully compatible with Any-DB, because Query objects are not instances of stream.Readable, they are just event emitters. It means that they do not provide pause and resume methods yet.

API extensions

The connections this module creates inherit from the constructor functions in require('tedious'), so any methods that tedious supports beyond those specified by Any-DB Connection are also available to you.

Keep in mind that these methods will not necessarily work with other backends.

Module extends Any-DB API by providing support for both positional and named parameters. Positional parameters are actually emulated (they're converted to named parameters) because Tedious does not support them.

Module provides additional read-only variables:

  • namedParameterPrefix, defaults to '@'
  • positionalParameterPrefix, defaults to '?'

which can be used when building SQL queries. In most other data bases, named parameters are marked with colon prefix, but MSSQL uses at character.

Additionally parameter values can be objects, each with two properties:

  • type
  • value

Where type is a Tedious type object, which can be obtained through a call to getTypeByName('typeName') function, also provided by this module. Aside from "native" types used by Tedious and MSSQL, following "generic" types are recognized (following example set by Sails):

  • integer
  • float
  • real
  • boolean
  • text
  • string
  • date
  • time
  • datetime
  • binary

Unrecognized types will be handled as binary type.

Tedious type can be obtained through a call to detectParameterType(value) function too. Difference is that getTypeByName "translates" type name to Tedious type, while detectParameterType returns Tedious type based on the JavaScript type of value passed to it.


npm install any-db-mssql

Running tests

Before running tests, set some environment variables to configure access to the data base (in Windows shell, replace export with set):

export DB_NAME=test
export DB_USER=sa
export DB_PASS=test123
export DB_HOST=localhost

Each of the environment variables mentioned above is optional, test will use defaults if value will not be provided.

Install all dependencies needed for testing:

npm install

Run tests the node way:

npm test

See test configuration file (test/support/config.js) for more information.

To test against any-db-adapter-spec, call its test from any-db-mssql adapter's directory set as current directory, i.e., it can be called right after npm test mentioned above:

node ../node-any-db-adapter-spec/bin/test-any-db-adapter --url 'mssql://'$DB_USER':'$DB_PASS'@'$DB_HOST'/'$DB_NAME'?instanceName='$DB_INST

In Windows shell, use following command line:

node ..\node-any-db-adapter-spec\bin\test-any-db-adapter --url "mssql://%DB_USER%:%DB_PASS%@%DB_HOST%/%DB_NAME%?instanceName=%DB_INST%"

node-any-db-adapter-spec files should exist before running command mentioned above.


Generate documentation using JSDoc:

jsdoc -c jsdoc.json -d documentation index.js


3-clause BSD