A Babel macro making multiple value comparison easy

Usage no npm install needed!

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A Babel macro making multiple value comparison easy


npm i --save-dev anyall.macro

Or if using yarn:

yarn add --dev anyall.macro

Then just import:

import { any, all } from 'anyall.macro';

Note that you need to have babel and babel-plugin-macros installed


Self explanatory example

import { any, all } from 'anyall.macro';
all(1, 2, 3) === any(3, 1, 2); //Outputs: true;

Yeah, it does what it says. It means all arguments from first function equals any of arguments in second one

Another example:

import { any, all } from 'anyall.macro';

all(10, 11, 12) > all(5, 5, 10); //Outputs: false

all(5, 5, 5) === 5; //Outputs: true

3 <= all(3, 2); //Outputs: false

any(2, 1) > any(10, 1); //Outputs: true

3 <= any(1, 3); ////Outputs: true

The Why?

I often catch myself doing someting like this in order to compare some values:

if(['start', 'run', 'go', 'execute'].includes(x)) {...}

It's less boilerplate and also some way less readable than:

if(x === 'start' || x ==='run' || x === 'go' || x === 'execute') {...}

In comparison to above examples using anyall.macro you can do:

if(x === any('start', 'run', 'go', 'execute')) {...}

It's cleaner and less boilerplate! Allows you to write comparison without repetitive tasks like writing || and && muliple times, or what's even worst writing overhelming functions by using nested Array.proptotype.find and Array.proptotype.every