API Over Models: typescript-decorators meta-framework

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AOM: API Over Models

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aom - it is meta-framework made of typescript-decorators, which allows to fast and comfortable create safe api-services, using the principle of accumulation data layers, enriched with abstractions.


npm i -s aom


yarn add aom

Getting started

To check out the documentation, visit (en and ru available)


The main idea sounds like: "don't duplicate the code, link the code". aom allows to use data proccessing, made to cover most cases you need. At the same time aom do not limit the developer in frames of the only framework, but gives the ability to use third-party libraries and packages.

aom is not a "thing in itself "- a framework that operates exclusively on its own codebase and only works in its own environment. Its important feature is the ability to combine with the "classic" code on koa, which makes it useful when migrating functionality already existing projects.

aom does not run code in an isolated environment, but generates structures that are compatible with popular libraries: koa-router, koa-session and others, which allows, if necessary, keep the existing code-stack, and comfortably extend it in the aom +typescript methodology.

Code sample

@Bridge("/auth", Auth)
@Bridge("/shop", Shop)
@Bridge("/account", Account)
class Root {
  static Index() {
    return models.Settings.findOne({ enabled: true });

// ...
class Auth {
  user: models.Users;
  login: models.UserLogins;
  token: models.AuthTokens;

  static async Required(
    @Headers("authorization") token,
    @This() _this: Auth,
    @Next() next,
    @Err() err
  ) {
    const authToken = await models.AuthTokens.checkToken(token);
    if (authData) {
      _this.token = authToken;
      _this.user = await models.Users.findById(authToken.userId);
      _this.login = await models.UserLogins.findById(authToken.loginId);
      return next();
    } else {
      return err("access denied", 403);

  static async Login(@Body() { login, password }, @Err() err) {
    const authLogin = await models.UserLogins.authLogin(login, password);
    if (checkLogin) {
      return models.AuthTokens.generateToken(authLogin);
    } else {
      return err("wrong login", 403);

// ...
class Shop {
  static Index(@Query() query) {
    return models.Products.find({ ...query });

  static Categories(@Query() query) {
    return models.Categories.find({ ...query });

  static Brands(@Query() query) {
    return models.Brands.find({ ...query });

  static AddToCart(@Body() { productId, quantity }, @StateMap(Auth) { user }: Auth) {
    const addUserCart = await user.addProductToCart(productId, quantity);
    return user.getProductsCart();

// ...
class Account {
  static async Index(@StateMap(Auth) { user, login }: Auth) {
    const orders = await user.getOrders();
    return { user, login, orders };

  static async Logout(@StateMap(Auth) { token }: Auth) {
    await token.remove();
    return { message: "success logout" };


Use Github issues to ask your question or report about problem.



AOM is MIT licensed.


aom is in open beta and will be expanded with new features. Errors are not excluded, as well as replacement and renaming of a number of functions and decorators.