Private Authenticated NPM Repository

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Authenticated Private NPM Repository


ap-npm runs a npm-repository. It should be used together with npm-scope, as ap-npm doesn't function as a caching/proxy server like Sinopia/Verdaccio.

Since 0.2.4 ap-npm has a proxy feature. If a package cannot be found locally, it will proxy the request over to the registry given in the config (Note: by default this feature is turned off)


npm install -g ap-npm
Start server
ap-npm serve
List/change config
ap-npm config [prop] [value]
Setup npm project with ap-npm publishConfig
ap-npm init

This runs npm init in the current folder and adds a publishConfig to the package.json from your ap-npm config


ap-npm has been tested with:

  • npm: 3.10 or higher
  • node: 6.10 or higher

ap-npm on Docker Hub

Info on using ap-npm