A simple utility to paginate arrays.

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A simple utility to paginate arrays.

Usage :

  • Install : npm i apaginator
  • Creates a new Paginator from a given Array, optionally with a specific number of items per page : new Paginator(data[, perPage]) - return Paginator object :
    • data - The array
    • currentPage - The current page index
    • totalPages - The number of pages
    • page(index) - Returns the specified page or undefined if the specified index is out of range.
    • current() - Returns the current page.
    • first() - Returns the first page.
    • last() - Returns the last page.
    • next() - Returns the next page or undefined if there is no next page.
    • previous() - Returns the previous page or undefined if there is no previous page.
    • hasNext() - Checks if there is a next page.
    • hasPrevious() - Checks if there is a previous page.

Examples :

const { Paginator } = require('apaginator');
// create some fake data
const fakeData = Array.from(Array(35).keys());
// create a Paginator object with 10 items per page (the default value)
const paginator = new Paginator(fakeData);

// print the current page (the 1st page)
// print the 10th page (`undefined` because it doesn't exists)

// print the next page (the 2nd page)
// print the previous page (the 1st page)
import { Paginator } from 'apaginator';
// create some fake data
const fakeData = Array.from(Array(14).keys());
// create a Paginate object with 5 items per page
const paginator = new Paginate(fakeData, 5);

// print the 1st page
// print the last page (the 3rd page)

// print true
// print false