JavaScript implementation of the OPAQUE asymmetric password authenticated key exchange (aPAKE) protocol

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  import apake from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apake';



JavaScript implementation of the OPAQUE asymmetric PAKE (aPAKE) protocol


Implementation of this Internet Draft proposal.


You may also install this module from npm.

npm install apake

Calling the API

The process generally works as follows:

// Each party includes the 1-out-of-n module with IO:
const OT = require('apake')(IO);

// Login credentials never reaches the server in plaintext
const user_id = 'newuser';
const password = 'correct horse battery staple';

// Sign up
OPAQUE.client_register(password, user_id).then(console.log.bind(null, 'Registered:'));

// Log in for the first time and receive a session token
OPAQUE.client_authenticate(password, user_id).then(console.log.bind(null, 'Shared secret:'));

// Register a new user
let user = OPAQUE.server_register();

// Handle a login attempt
OPAQUE.server_authenticate(user.id, user.pepper);

// Result:
'Registered: true'
'Login for newuser succeeded with: 4ccdf3b8cacf08273a085c952aaf3ee83633e6afcedf4f86c00497e862f43c78'
'Shared secret: 4ccdf3b8cacf08273a085c952aaf3ee83633e6afcedf4f86c00497e862f43c78'

Please read example.js for a more detailed example or run it with node test/test.js.