A simple dashboard to report mocha test runs.

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  import apbMochaReporter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apb-mocha-reporter';


APB Mocha Reporter


A zero-dependency tool that displays your unit test results in a nifty HTML page.

  • Show live test results in your office / HQ
  • HTML dashboard Auto refreshes every minute
  • Output detailed test results to JSON

Note: This package requires the Node fs module. It does not work in the browser.



Obviously, you need an existing mocha test suite

  1. NPM: npm install apb-mocha-reporter --save-dev
  2. Update your test script: mocha ./**.test.js --reporter apb-mocha-reporter


This reporter replaces the default Mocha console output with a more minimal console output.

The html dashboard is generated each time you run Mocha and is written to:


Just open up the html file in a browser, and it will auto-refresh every 60 seconds.

Prevent console output

Pass the silent reporter option to prevent the runner from printing to the console.

mocha ./**.test.js --reporter apb-mocha-reporter --reporter-options silent"

Save detailed test results as JSON

Pass the savejson reporter option to save a detailed report as JSON.


mocha ./**.test.js --reporter apb-mocha-reporter --reporter-options savejson"

An optional filename may be passed. Otherwise, the output will be in:


You may want to pass a file name to prevent logs from building up.


mocha ./**.test.js --reporter apb-mocha-reporter --reporter-options savejson=filename.json"

Change output directory

Pass the outputdir reporter option with a value to change the output directory.

mocha ./**.test.js --reporter apb-mocha-reporter --reporter-options outputdir='customOutputDir'

Multiple options

To pass multiple options, for example, to be both silent and to save json, reporter-options should be in a comma separated list without spaces.


mocha ./**.test.js --reporter apb-mocha-reporter --reporter-options silent,savejson=filename.json"

Modifying the template

If you want to fiddle around with the template, you will find apbmochareporter_TEMPLATE.html in the src directory of this package. The output html dashboard is generated using this template.

I didn't want to bloat the package by adding unnecessary templating dependencies, so it currently uses a potentially fragile (but lightweight!) regex based solution that replaces the strings surrounded by double curly braces (eg. {{string}}).


PRs welcome.

Have a look at the github issue tracker for suggested updates.