APC Test stack bundled into one package

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APC Test

Combined test dependencies for APC projects

  • Test runner: Mocha
  • Assertion library: Chai
  • Spies, stubs and mocks: Sinon
  • Mutation testing: Stryker
  • CI:
    • Travis
  • Reporters:
    • Coveralls
    • CodeClimate


This package provides a skeleton for JS unit testing, coverage and mutation testing. The provided config assumes files to be tested match src/**/*.js and test specs match test/**/*.spec.js but it should be straight forward to add more globs to your config.


npm install --save-dev apc-test

NPM Scripts

Copy these scripts into your package.json file. They are used by the build in Travis (see below)

  "test": "npm run lint && nyc mocha",
  "lint": "eslint *.js test/**/*.js src/**/*.js",
  "coverage": "nyc report --reporter=text-lcov | coveralls",
  "stryker": "stryker run"

Git Ignore

Copy the following into your gitignore:

# Logs

# Coverage directory used by tools like istanbul

# nyc test coverage

# Dependency directories

# Optional npm cache directory

# Stryker reports and cache

NYC Config

Copy the following into a .nycrc file:

  "include": [ "src/**/*.js" ],
  "all": true,
  "watermarks": {
    "lines": [ 90, 99 ],
    "functions": [ 90, 99 ],
    "branches": [ 90, 99 ],
    "statements": [ 90, 99 ]
  "reporter": [ "clover", "text", "text-summary", "html", "cobertura", "lcov" ],
  "cache": true

Or copy it cp node_modules/apc-test/.nycrc .

Stryker Config

Add the following to a stryker.conf.js file:

module.exports = config => {
    files: [
        pattern: 'src/**/*.js',
        mutated: true,
        included: true
    testRunner: 'mocha',
    mutator: 'javascript',
    transpilers: [],
    reporter: ['html', 'clear-text', 'progress'],
    testFramework: 'mocha',
    coverageAnalysis: 'perTest'

Or copy it cp node_modules/apc-test/.stryker.conf.js .

Travis YML

Add the following to a .travis.yml file:

language: node_js
  - 'lts/*'
  - 'node'
# Optionally run stryker in CI, although this currently isn't reported
# - npm run stryker
  - npm run coverage

Or copy it cp node_modules/apc-test/.travis.yml .


Add the badge images and links to the top of your markdown file:

[![NPM Package][npm-badge]][npm-link] [![License][license-badge]][license-link] [![Build Status][travis-badge]][travis-link] [![Coverage Status][coveralls-badge]][coveralls-link] [![Maintainability][cc-badge]][cc-link] [![Dependencies][dm-badge]][dm-link] [![Dev Dependencies][dmdev-badge]][dmdev-link] [![Greenkeeper badge][gk-badge]][gk-link]

Add the links somewhere else in your markdown file. Replacing my-org-name and my-module-name.

[npm-badge]: https://img.shields.io/npm/v/my-module-name.svg?maxAge=30
[license-badge]: https://img.shields.io/npm/l/my-module-name.svg
[license-link]: https://github/my-org-name/my-module-name/blob/master/LICENSE
[travis-badge]: https://travis-ci.org/my-org-name/my-module-name.svg?branch=master
[travis-link]: https://travis-ci.org/my-org-name/my-module-name
[coveralls-badge]: https://coveralls.io/repos/github/my-org-name/my-module-name/badge.svg?branch=master
[coveralls-link]: https://coveralls.io/github/my-org-name/my-module-name?branch=master
[cc-badge]: https://img.shields.io/codeclimate/maintainability/my-org-name/my-module-name.svg
[cc-link]: https://codeclimate.com/github/my-org-name/my-module-name/maintainability
[dm-badge]: https://img.shields.io/david/my-org-name/my-module-name.svg
[dm-link]: https://david-dm.org/my-org-name/my-module-name
[dmdev-badge]: https://img.shields.io/david/dev/my-org-name/my-module-name.svg
[dmdev-link]: https://david-dm.org/my-org-name/my-module-name
[gk-badge]: https://badges.greenkeeper.io/my-org-name/my-module-name.svg
[gk-link]: https://greenkeeper.io/

Setting up 3rd party services

These steps assume a public github repo and public npm module.

  1. Publish to Github
  2. Add to travis CI (may need to sync account first) - https://travis-ci.org/profile/
  3. Add to coveralls - https://coveralls.io/repos/new
  4. Add to code climate - https://codeclimate.com/github/repos/new
  5. Add to greenkeeper - https://github.com/apps/greenkeeper/installations/new
  6. Copy codeclimate token to travis
    • Get reporter id from CodeClimate / Project / Settings / Test Coverage
    • Add it to the Travis repo settings as CC_TEST_REPORTER_ID environment variables
  7. Check all badge are working (NPM and license won't work yet)
  8. Publish to NPM

APC Style

Recommended to be used with apc-style for linting of JS, SCSS and Pug files.