Javascript parser for Salesforce Apex Language

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Parser for Salesforce Apex (including Triggers & inline SOQL/SOQL). This is based on an ANTLR4 grammar, see antlr/ApexParser.g4.

There are two builds of the parser available, a NPM module for use with Node and a Maven package for use on JVMs.

These builds just contain the Parser & Lexer and provides no further support for analysing the generated parse trees beyond what is provided by ANTLR4.

As Apex & SOQL/SOQL are case-insenstive languages you need to use the provided CaseInsensitiveInputStream for the parser to function correctly. When parsing Apex, inline SOQL/SOSL is automtaically parsed, but you can also parse SOQL/SOQL directly. You can find some minimal examples in the test classes.

WARNING: Non-standard class type-arguments

In 2.10.0 I have allowed classes to have type arguments. This is not supported on any recent version of Apex, if you parse a class and it has type arguments you should error.


To parse a class file (NPM version):

let lexer = new ApexLexer(new CaseInsensitiveInputStream("public class Hello {}"))
let tokens  = new CommonTokenStream(lexer);

let parser = new ApexParser(tokens)
let context = parser.compilationUnit()

The 'context' is a CompilationUnitContext object which is the root of the parsed representation of the class. You can access the parse tree via functions on it.





"apex-parser": "^2.9.2"


To build both distributions:

npm run build


2.10.0 - Allow type arguments on Classes (non-standard!)
2.9.2 - Generate .d.ts files 
2.9.1 - JVM build and npm dependency updates
2.9.0 - Add SOQL Fields function
2.8.0 - Apex cast priority fix, SOSL & SOQL query format fixes, Added SOQL Date functions 
2.7.1 - Bugfix for 'Network' identifier
2.7.0 - Support inline SOSL queries
2.6.1 - Dependency security fixes
2.6.0 - Add SOQL parsing support
2.5.0 - Allow safe navigation operator ?.
2.4.0 - Enable Listener & Visitor use
2.3.0 - Removed modifers from enhanced for loop
2.2.1 - Dependency security fixes
2.2.0 - Parser performance improvements
2.1.0 - Supports trigger parsing and switch statement parsing syntax was corrected
1.0.0 - Initial version

Source & Licenses

All the source code included uses a 3-clause BSD license. The only third-party component included is the Apex Antlr4 grammar originally from Tooling-force.com, although this version used is now markedly different from the original.