Javascript parser for Salesforce Apex Language

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Parser for Salesforce Apex (including Triggers & inline SOQL/SOQL). This is based on an ANTLR4 grammar, see antlr/ApexParser.g4.

There are two builds of the parser available, a NPM module for use with Node and a Maven package for use on JVMs.

These builds just contain the Parser & Lexer and provides no further support for analysing the generated parse trees beyond what is provided by ANTLR4.

As Apex & SOQL/SOQL are case-insenstive languages you need to use the provided CaseInsensitiveInputStream for the parser to function correctly. When parsing Apex, inline SOQL/SOSL is automtaically parsed, but you can also parse SOQL/SOQL directly. You can find some minimal examples in the test classes.


To parse a class file (NPM version):

let lexer = new ApexLexer(new CaseInsensitiveInputStream("public class Hello {}"))
let tokens  = new CommonTokenStream(lexer);

let parser = new ApexParser(tokens)
let context = parser.compilationUnit()

The 'context' is a CompilationUnitContext object which is the root of the parsed representation of the class. You can access the parse tree via functions on it.

antlr4ts versions

The npm module uses antlr4ts 0.5.0-alpha.4, this was updated from 0.5.0-alpha.3 in the 2.9.1 version. You should make sure that if you are using a matching verions of this dependency if you use it directly. To avoid issues you can import 'CommonTokenStream' & 'ParseTreeWalker' from 'apex-parser' instead of from antlr4ts.

import { CommonTokenStream} from "apex-parser";
import { ParseTreeWalker } from "apex-parser";





"apex-parser": "^2.12.1"


To build both distributions:

npm run build


2.12.1 - Fix for Currency literals consuming '.' when matching identifiers
2.12.0 - Replace deprecated ANTLRINputStream, DateTime & Currency literals fixes (contrib Aaron Hurst) 
2.11.0 - Fix for SOQL UPDATE VIEWSTAT/TRACKING & removal of class type arguments
2.10.0 - Allow type arguments on Classes (non-standard!)
2.9.2 - Generate .d.ts files 
2.9.1 - JVM build and npm dependency updates
2.9.0 - Add SOQL Fields function
2.8.0 - Apex cast priority fix, SOSL & SOQL query format fixes, Added SOQL Date functions 
2.7.1 - Bugfix for 'Network' identifier
2.7.0 - Support inline SOSL queries
2.6.1 - Dependency security fixes
2.6.0 - Add SOQL parsing support
2.5.0 - Allow safe navigation operator ?.
2.4.0 - Enable Listener & Visitor use
2.3.0 - Removed modifers from enhanced for loop
2.2.1 - Dependency security fixes
2.2.0 - Parser performance improvements
2.1.0 - Supports trigger parsing and switch statement parsing syntax was corrected
1.0.0 - Initial version

Source & Licenses

All the source code included uses a 3-clause BSD license. The only third-party component included is the Apex Antlr4 grammar originally from Tooling-force.com, although this version used is now markedly different from the original.