Local command line tool to enhance Oracle APEX Plug-in development

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APEX Plug-in Dev Enhancer

APEX Community APEX Tool APEX Built with Love

Local command line tool to enhance Oracle APEX Plug-in development...

Note: At the moment still Beta! Ideas and testing are very welcome...




npm install apex-plugin-dev-enhancer -g



Show available commands and information about that

apde help

Init Plug-in project

Creates initial folder structure for future Plug-in development

mkdir path/to/project
cd path/to/project
apde init

Config Plug-in project

Creates a JSON file in the root directory of your project with necessary settings & paramters, like Plug-in name, type, database connection ...

cd path/to/project
apde config

Upload static files to APEX instance

Uploads all files contained in your src/files folder to your APEX instance/application which hosts the Plug-in

cd path/to/project
apde files

Minify/Compress static Plug-in files

Compresses & minifies all JS/CSS Plug-in static files located in src/files and outputs a .min.js or .min.css file in the same directory

cd path/to/project
apde minify

Build Plug-in file for distribution

Executes all steps to create a final Plug-in build ready for distribution. Uploads all static files, exports the Plug-in SQL and concats your PL/SQL package to the file. So all necessary objects are contained in one single file. Default location: dist/

cd path/to/project
apde build



MIT © Daniel Hochleitner