Hits apextracker API using your provided key and returns Apex Legends statistics

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import apexlegendsjs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apexlegendsjs';




npm install apexlegendsjs

Very light 0 Dependency package that connects to an Apex Legends API

How to use

First run npm install apexlegendsjs

Go here to sign up for an API Key: https://apex.tracker.gg/site-api

Then paste your key into API_KEY_HERE

After that, use apex.player() to get core player information. The data this returns is listed in the documentation here:https://tracker.gg/developers/docs/titles/apex

Recently Updated to V2 of apex tracker API!

"PLAFORM" needs be either origin, psn, or xbl.

const apex = require('apexlegendsjs')(API_KEY_HERE)
async function main(){
const profile = await apexjs.profile("playerName", "PLATFORM")
const playerSegments = await apexjs.playerSegments("playerName", "PLATFORM", "legend")
const searchResults = await apexjs.search("PLATFORM", "query")
const playerSessionData = await apexjs.playerSessions("playerName", "PLATFORM")

This API is documented by JSDocs and the API is promise based. Feel free to look at the code on github and suggest any improvements

Created By

This package was created by John Kryspin.