A set of dev tools for API console

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API console CLI

The command-line tool for the MuleSoft API Console.


  • build - Build the API Console application optimized for production
  • generate-json - (Re)generates the JSON file that is accepted as console's data model
  • serve - Test generated bundle in local environment.


npm i -g api-console-cli

In macOS and Linux you may need to use sudo prefix.


This version does not work with API console version 4 and 5.

This CLI tool works with version 6 only.

Please, use other versions of the CLI for previous versions of the console. Note, that previous versions of API Console are not longer supported. Please, see API Console Docs for latest release documentation.

npm install -g api-console-cli@1.0.14

Command Overview

CLI --help is your friend. Run any command with --help option to see list of available options.

General options

api-console [COMMAND] --help

Run api-console --help to get a list of supported commands. Pass it a command name (ex: api-console build --help) to get detailed information about that command and the options it supports.


api-console build -t TYPE [options] FILE

Builds the API Console for specific API definition. The build is optimized for production.

api-console generate-json -t TYPE [options] FILE

Creates a JSON file from the RAML or OAS spec that can be used as a data source for the API Console.

api-console serve [options] [PATH]

Runs a local web server serving a content of the current directory or selected path.

Supported APIs

API Console consumes AMF data model generated from one of the following specifications:

  • RAML 1.0
  • RAML 0.8
  • OAS 2.0
  • OAS 3.0 - Experimental support. There might be some issues.

API support is not covered by nighter this CLI tool, building module, or API Console. This is provided by the AMF parser.


Your feedback is welcome. If you need support for a method, command options other than described here please, file a feature request. If you find a bug, please, file a bug report with details so we can fix it.