Hide API Key on Public Git Repo.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import apiKeyStorage from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/api-key-storage';


What Is Key Storage?

Key Storage is service for hiding API Key on public git repository.

Why We Use This?

The API Key is exposed to the source code on public git repo.
This application provides the service that protects api keys from being exposed. πŸ‘

How Does It Work?

Just add your service name, URL and API key. That’s it !

When you sent request to Key Storage for your API Key, which will check url from request.
If this url matched service url you added, Key Storage server will return your API Key πŸ˜†

How To Use

Step 1. Sign up and Login(Link)

Sign up Description

Step 2. Add your service after Login(Link)

Add Service Description

For example, I added my serivce like this.

Service Name β†’ Movie Palette
Service URL β†’ https://verycosy.net
API KEY β†’ bla bla

Here is my service !
Also check it out example on my Github.

Step 3. Installation

with NPM

npm install api-key-storage --save

with Yarn

yarn add api-key-storage

Step 4. Request your API KEY


import KeyStorage from "api-key-storage";
const { key: API_KEY } = await KeyStorage('your_service_id');

Note: If you got error, you will receive { error: "Error Message" }

Error will be occur when you send request with incorrect service id,
or url from request does not matched service url you added.

Last Step

Happy Hacking !