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api.ai (node.js)

This plugin allows the integration of agents from the api.ai natural language processing service with your Node.js application.


  npm install --save api.ai


Initializing the module

Your client access token can be obtained in your Dashboard.

const apiai = require("api.ai");

const nlp = new apiai({
  token: "<your client access token>",
  session: "<unique session id>"

Handling responses

This module supports both callbacks and promises to deliver your data.


nlp.text("Hello World!", function (error, response) {
  if (error) {
    // Handle Error
  else {
    // Do what you wish with response


nlp.text("Hello World!")
.then(function (response) {
  // Do what you wish with response
.error(function (error) {
  // Handle error

Making requests

This module supports making 3 different types of requests to api.ai:

  • Text requests
  • Voice requests
  • User entities requests
Text requests

These are the simplest of the above. Simply send text to api.ai to be processed:

nlp.text("Hello World", callback);
Voice requests

To send a voice request, you may either provide a buffer or the path of an audio file:

nlp.voice("hello_world.wav", callback);

You may also specify additional options, for instance - language:

nlp.voice("hello_world.wav", {
  language: "en"
}, callback);
User Entity requests
nlp.userEntities(user_entities, callback);

This module was created by David Tesler, using the original Node.JS SDK for api.ai

Awesomeness supplied by api.ai.