API Connect Assembly

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<script type="module">
  import apiconnectAssembly from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apiconnect-assembly';


API Connect Assembly

This repository is jointly owned by API Connect and App Connect. Primary contacts for technical questions about this code are:

  • Sanchit Chadha (API Connect)
  • Steve Linn (API Connect)
  • Rich Scheuerle (API Connect)
  • Chris Bygrave (API Connect)
  • Matt Clarke (App Connect)
  • Ashley Harrison (App Connect)

Getting Started

To get up and running with a sample assembly:

npm start

This will install, build, and then run a demo application in a browser window.


Configuration is passed to the assembler by an attribute on the element:

<apim-assembler data-assembler-options='{
  "policies" : "ApimPolicyFactory",
  "source"   : "swaggerDocument"

The assembler options are detailed below:

Option Definition
policies (required) A factory defining the content of the policy palette. This takes the form of an object with two functions: getPolicies() returns a promise that resolves to the set of policies to be displayed in the palette, getPolicyPartial(policyName) returns a string pointing to the address of the HTML snippet to use for rendering the given named policy.
source (required) The source document into which the assembly will be written.
property (optional) The property within the the source document into which the assembly will be written. Defaults to 'x-ibm-configuration'.
schema (optional) The schema of the source document - not currently used.
test (optional) Show or hide the API Connect test tool. Defaults to false.
gateways (optional) Show or hide the API Connect gateway filter. Defaults to false.
flyout (optional) Determines the default location of the property flyout. Supported values are 'right' and 'bottom'. Default is 'right'.
versioning (optional) Include an explicit version property on each policy instance. Default is false.