Apigee Edge SDK for Edge related API calls

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import apigeeEdgeSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apigee-edge-sdk';




Getting Started ?

  • Learn NodeJS. If you know javascript it will be cakewalk for you :-)
  • Learn MochaJS and Chai Testing Frameworks. See examples in test folder.
  • Download Source Code and Understand structure of code before you start contributing missing APIs.
  • Configure your org credentials in test/configure.js to start running tests.
  • Go to root folder and run > make test command to start automated tests.

How to Contribute ?

  • Pick an API Category from Apigee Docs API Reference
  • Create a task for yourself in the Github issues. See sample issue . So that we know who is working on what.
  • Make sure automated test cases are written for each API you are adding to SDK. Without Automated Test case don't push any new API to GITHUB.
  • DO NOT COMMIT test/configure.js to github. Make sure you add that file to .gitignore so that you won't end up sharing your free org credentials to github repo which will be made public. Run Command > git update-index --assume-unchanged test/configure.js