Apigee Edge Proxy Bundle to OpenAPI 2.0 conversion tool

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  import apigee2openapi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apigee2openapi';



Apigee Edge Proxy to OpenAPI 2.0 (formerly known as Swagger) conversion tool. This project used to be called apigee2swagger prior to the specification becoming part of the OpenAPI Initiative.


You can install apigee2openapi either through npm or by cloning and linking the code from GitHub. This document covers the installation details for installing from npm.

Installation from npm

The apigee2openapi module and its dependencies are designed for Node.js and is available through npm using the following command:

From a Terminal Window:

$ sudo npm install -g apigee2openapi


  1. Download proxy bundle from Edge instance and generate OAI
$ apigee2openapi -d /Users/Anil/Desktop/
  1. Use local proxy bundle (zip) to generate specs
$ apigee2openapi -d ~/Documents/GlobalWeather -l ~/Documents/GlobalWeather.zip -n GlobalWeather -e https://msebai-test.apigee.net



How to Contribute ?

Submit issues / patches here https://github.com/anil614sagar/apigee2openapi

Q & A ? http://community.apigee.com/