Mobile API documentation

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  import apimDocs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apim-docs';



This module will generate html files from markdown files inside md directory; User doesn't need to have any knowledge about HTML, one just need to know a few simple basic tags - Markdown language;

How to use this module

  • keep all the markdown files in md directory, then module will auto generate html files corresponding to .md files as well as index.html which contains every links to each html files.

  • How to call apim-docs module in app

install apim-docs module using command line: npm install apim-docs then using the below codes in app

    var apimdocs  = require('apim-docs');

 *where api must be under root directory which we need to store html files - [appName]/api/docs/html*

How does it work?

  • module reads each markdown files in md directory and converts them into html files correspondent, the html files will be kept in the destination directory of app for example [api]; The structure of the documents will be [api]/docs/html; Each html file shares the same template which is located inside lib/layout.html.

  • module will also create index.html which contains all links to each html on the fly, it is kept inside [api]/docs; Index.html uses template which is located inside lib/indexLayout.html.


We need to follow some rules for naming markdown file:

  1. name must be separated by - depending on how you want to display it index.html file, for example: if you want to display the link as my first link, please name markdown file as my-first-link-.md
  2. name must be ended by - and with extension md