Bringing the ability to parse data using Apollo Client

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  import apolloClientTransform from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apollo-client-transform';


Apollo Client Transformers

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This package is useful for when you have scalars, but you receive them serialized on the client and you don't really want to do the deserialisation in your view layer.


npm i -S apollo-client-transformers


import { createTransformerLink } from 'apollo-client-transformers';

const DateTransformer = {
  parseValue(time) {
    return new Date(time);

const transformers = {
  User: {
    createdAt: DateTransformer,

const transformerLink = createTransformerLink(transformers);

// You can now concatenate it with your http link before creating the client like so:
const enhancedHttpLink = transformerLink.concat(httpLink);