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An opinionated helper to automagically import your GraphQL resolvers and build your resolver object for an Apollo Server.

Apollo Discover Resolvers


yarn add apollo-discover-resolvers


npm i apollo-discover-resolvers --save


Apollo discover resolvers recursively searches through the directory passed into the function.

import { ApolloServer, gql } from 'apollo-server';
import { discoverResolvers } from 'apollo-discover-resolvers';

// A map of functions which return data for the schema.
const resolvers = discoverResolvers('absolute/path/to/resolvers/directory');

// The GraphQL schema
const typeDefs = gql`
  type CraftBeer {
    name: String!
    abv: Int!

  input CraftBeerInput {
    name: String
    abv: Int

  type Query {
    "A simple type for getting started!"
    craftBeers: CraftBeer

  type Mutation {
    updateCraftBeer(input: CraftBeerInput!): CraftBeer!

const server = new ApolloServer({

Resolver Folder Structure

Apollo discover resolvers takes a single parameter directory which is the path to your resolver folder. From there, the module will perform a synchronous glob search for resolver files. The resolvers use the folder structure to build the Resolver object. Any files under queries will be set on the Query property and likewise for mutations.

├── resolvers
|  ├── index.ts
|  ├── mutations
|     └──  updateCraftBeer.ts
|  └── queries
|     └──  craftBeers.ts


The module will build a Resolver object to be passed into your Apollo Server. Each resolver file should export a function named to match the query or mutation.

// ./resolvers/queries/craftBeers.ts
export const craftBeers = (parent, args, context, info) => {}

// ./resolvers/mutations/craftBeers.ts
export const updateCraftBeer = (parent, args, context, info) => {}

Resolver Object

const resolvers = {
  Mutation: {
    updateCraftBeer: (parent, args, context, info) => {},
  Query: {
    craftBeers: (parent, args, context, info) => {},

Example App


git clone https://github.com/kmills006/apollo-discover-resolvers.git
cd apollo-discover-resolvers/example

yarn install
yarn dev


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