Apollo link for Prime

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import apolloLinkPrime from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apollo-link-prime';



Apollo Link provider for Prime


yarn add -S apollo-link-prime


npm install -S apollo-link-prime


import { PrimeLink } from 'apollo-link-prime';

const apolloClient = new ApolloClient({
  link: PrimeLink({
    url: 'https://prime.example.com',
    accessToken?: '',
    ssrMode?: false,
    linkResolver?: (document, schema) => '/',
    cookies?: { [key: string]: string },
  cache: new InMemoryCache()
parameter type default description
url string required Absolute URL with no path at the end to a Prime endpoint
accessToken string undefined Permanent server token or JWT access token (private api enabled)
ssrMode boolean false If enabled, client will store a preview cookie and reload the page.
linkResolver Function undefined This function can return a redirect path for the previewed document in question
cookies object undefined Pass cookies from express etc. in object format. The link will read stored preview cookie from ssrMode


You read preview state and clear it with the following utility functions.

import { clearPreview, isPreviewing } from 'apollo-link-prime';

// client code

if (isPreviewing()) {
  button.onclick = () => clearPreview();